Sunday , December 16 , 2018 11:38PM



10Jaunary-MANAV DHARAM and SADBHAVANA (goodwill and humanitarianism) are the eternal foundation of mankind. Man has potentially infinite possibilities. The scripture describe the human body as rare even for gods. If he is spiritually motivated, man can realise the great Power which is called by different names such as Bhagwan, Allah, God, Wahe Guru etc. The only way we can live a free, fearless, disciplined, happy and peaceful life on the path of progress is Manav Dharam and Sadbhawana. It is his humanity expressed through his thoughts, actions and ideals that identifies man. How can a man without humanity or human values differ from other creatures? The all-around unrest prevailing today indicates the decline of humanity. Despite short highlights of human values and human rights, the demonic trend in society has endangered the existence of man himself. Indoors or outdoors, he feels unsafe everywhere. Can there be a more miserable indicator of modern society than this? Spiritual Knowledge awakens the dormant human consciousness and revives human values. It manifest the Divine Power (parashakti) hidden in the human heart, which animates one and all. Experiencing and realising this is the Spiritual Knowledge that can transform human emotions, thoughts and actions, leading to true happiness, health, progress and goodwill and to achieve it, the guidance of the Living Master is essential. SATPAL MAHARAJ

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